RMT Motors Engineering LTD. is a brand independent
manufacturer of high quality fluid film bearings.

We have over 50 years of experience with manufacturing and repair service. Our products include bearings, bushings, sleeves, liners, deflectors and labyrinth seals.

  • Turbine and turbine gearbox bearings equivalent to OEM 112E1292G001, 112E1674G001, 138C8592G001, 138C8604G001,138C8762G001,138C8762G002, 138C8640G003,138C8640G004,142D4910G001, 164C2817G001, 164C2817G002,172D7207G001, old P/N 154D7107G001, 188C9724G001, 188C9724G002, 188C9724G003,188C9724G004,188C-9724-G001, 188C9724G005, 188C9724G005, 188C9738G01, 3011G50-P1, 314A5997P004, 319C118G001,744C283, 319C118G002, 319C118G004, 319C118G006, 319C132G002, 319C132G004,319C0177G001,SOM09777, IRV314220,7IRV3142204,3011G50-001,3011G51-001,3016G57-001,3016G58-001,3016G59-001,3017G11-001,3017G10-001, 319C0177G002, 319C0177G003, 319C0177G004, 4047G51, 4047G52-2, 719C457G001,75A097, 75A098, 719C457G002,745C198 719C457G003, 719C457G004 744C0258P001 ,744C0258P002 ,75A003,75A004, 745C0923P001, 745C0923P002, 746C026P001, 747C778G002, 747C778G004, 9675A048 ,9675A049 ,747C778-2A, 75A048,75A049, 75A073,75A074,747C778-3A, 748C808P1, 748C809P1 ,Seals :142B9010G003 (old P/N164C2807G003 ), 188C9732G001, 188C9733G001, 188C9738G001, 138C8965G001, 138C9173G003, 188C9738G001, 145C4432G001, 149D2032P001, 149D2022G002,154D7145G001,73D723-2 *All OEM numbers are used for comparison purposes only. RMT Motors Engineering is not an authorized distributor or representative of GE, Siemens, Westinghouse ,Flender Graffenstaden. The data contained herein is provided for information purposes only. RMT Motors Engineering makes no representation, warranty or guarantee (whether expressed or implied) as to the accuracy or completeness of such data or any projected performance. "Frame 7", "Frame 6", "Frame 9", "Frame 6FA" are registered trademarks of General Electric. "OEM" and "OE" are generic terms not used in association with any one particular company.

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      Innovative technology, extensive experience and many years of accumulated knowledge has led to achievement of highest quality products. The excellent level of RMT products and services found the appreciation of customers from United States, United Arab Emirates, Malesia, and many EU countries whom for years RMT Motors Engineering keeps on co-operating with.

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          Industries Served

          RMT Motors Engineering supplies high quality products for variety of industries including oil & gas,
          power generation, chemical & cement processing, railway, marine and mining.

          • Oil & Gas
          • Power Generation
          • Power Generation
          • Chemical & Cement Processing
          • Railway
          • Marine
            • Diverse applications

              Our products are widely used in gas and steam turbines, industrial gearboxes, pumps, compressors, large engines such as marine and railway, and many more.

              • Adress:

                PL 91-104 Łódź, Poland
                Plantowa 7a st.




                Phone:(+48) 42 6504344
                Plantowa 7a st.
              • Opening Hours

                Monday 7:00am - 3:00pm
                Tuesday 7:00am - 3:00pm
                Wednesday 7:00am - 3:00pm
                Thursday 7:00am - 3:00pm
                Friday 7:00am - 3:00pm
                Saturday close
                Sunday close
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